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5 Characteristics to Look for in a Construction Site Manager

construction projectsA construction site manager is necessary for overseeing the day-to-day of your commercial business worksite. Before selecting just anyone, there are a few vital characteristics to look for, so you know you have the right person in place to track progress on your construction project. Below are some of the qualities you should seek out.

What to Look for in a Site Manager for Construction Projects

1. Good Communication Skills

Communication is vital on a construction project. The site manager must be efficient at communicating with the team doing the work and with you on progress. They should be able to effectively discuss solutions if problems arise, so there are no further delays or issues. A site manager will also clearly lay out details so that everyone is on the same page from start to finish, and they will listen to questions and concerns.

2. Flexibility

Construction projects often come with surprises along the way, even if they have been planned perfectly from the start. Managers will stay on top of changes and will be flexible in altering schedules to accommodate for delays and shifts in materials or timelines. They will also ensure their team is ready to switch when necessary.

3. Open to Technology

Technology comes with a host of benefits, and the manager should embrace it to make the job run more smoothly. This includes understanding the best approach to new tools and even using tech to relay messages and news to site owners and personnel efficiently.

4. Maintain Trust

Construction site managers must be trustworthy since they are overseeing the project’s progress, and you will be leaving them to run tasks on your behalf. Workers must also trust that their manager is there for them as well, ensuring safety and efficiency at every turn. When you’re able to instill more trust, each team for the project will operate more smoothly.

5. Organizational Skills

There are several moving parts for teams during the work, and the manager must juggle them all. This includes everything from scheduling to watching for potential obstacles. Managers will often track deliveries and pickups, and they may be responsible for assigning tasks to teams. Without organizational skills, the whole project is in danger of being late or compromised.

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